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Scientific Advisory

Scientific Advisory


The Scientific Advisory Committee closely follows and reviews the implementation of the Feasibility Study, giving scientific and technical advice to the Steering Committee and the Coordination Group and providing them with guidance to facilitate major technical decisions.


The Scientific Advisory Committee consists of up to 16 international experts who are not directly involved in the Feasibility Study and have renowned expertise in one or more scientific and technical domains relevant to the Study (accelerators, technical infrastructure, key technologies, physics, detectors, etc.).

In line with the current practice whereby members and chairs of scientific committees (LHCC, SPSC, etc.) are appointed by the Management, the Scientific Advisory Committee members and Chair are appointed by the Steering Committee.

It is proposed that the Chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee becomes an ex-officio member of the SPC, as is also the case for the chairs of the LHCC and other scientific committees, thereby ensuring that an independent scientific and technical assessment of the Feasibility Study is provided to the Council through the SPC.


The Scientific Advisory Committee typically meets twice a year.