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Goethe University of Frankfurt


The Goethe University Frankfurt am Main was founded in 1914 and is organized since 2008 as a “foundation under public law”. This allows for a higher degree of autonomy, together with the potential of private sponsorship in addition to the financial support by the federal state of Hesse. Currently the university has more than 38.000 students and more than 550 full and associate professors. The Institute of Applied Physics (IAP) belongs to the Physics Department of the Goethe University Frankfurt. Our working group is part of the IAP “Accelerator and Plasma Physics” division. The main research activities are related to the production, transport, acceleration and accumulation of intense proton and ion beams. Besides of more theoretical researches like beam dynamics designs and simulation code development, our group has gained a long term expertise in the design and construction of ion sources, room temperature and superconducting accelerator cavities, as well as the development of beam and plasma diagnostic devices and methods.

Frankfurt am Main